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I Found the Marble in the Oatmeal!

On my second day at 9am, I got twenty emails from my boss.  Thankfully, she let me know it was going to happen so I wouldn’t freak out.  She referred to it as “drinking from the fire hose.”

The mass of information I’ve had to absorb in three days is mind boggling, and the realization that I didn’t quite understand what I was getting myself into was humbling.  There’s a silver lining, though.

The last two years when I started my service year, I hit the ground not really knowing anything about what I was doing, and I had no clue how to find out the information I needed.  It left me feeling so confused that I didn’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass.  My first two days at the New Job didn’t have that, though.

Sure, there was the feeling of not really knowing what was going on and the realization that no amount of preparation before starting would have brought me up to where the people I work with are.  There was something else, though.  A quiet confidence that, even though I didn’t know what was going on, I knew where to find information and I knew the kinds of questions to ask.

I feel really lucky to have had the kind of experience over the past two years that has put me in this position.  I know that I wouldn’t be here without having served with Volunteer Maryland, and the farther I get away from my service there, the more I realize how good the experience was for my professional development.

So I found the marble and I get to drink from the fire hose, but this time the hose is full of awesome.