Building More Than A House

On Saturday, I’ll have volunteered with Atlanta Habitat For Humanity for six weekends in a row.

Day 1 - 'My' house is on the left

When I first showed up there was an empty concrete slab. When I leave on Saturday, there will be a punch-out list and a home.

I’ve been on a lot of builds with Atlanta Habitat, but I haven’t built a whole lot for myself. Last weekend was the first time that I’ve felt like I’ve built something for myself.

After builds the house leads, skilled supervisors and sometimes some volunteers head out to a bar for a few drinks and to shoot the breeze. Last weekend was the first time I’ve ever gotten up to leave and someone asked me to stay later.

And then asked me to come to dinner with them.

I was never very good at making friends and I’d sort of resigned myself to the few friends I have here and the friends I’ve left behind.

I’ve spent a few hours volunteering. I’ve given a lot.

I’d forgotten that volunteering gives back to you, too. Meeting people and building friendships that are more than ‘we volunteer together’ is kind of nice.


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