Monthly Archives: February 2012

Building More Than A House

On Saturday, I’ll have volunteered with Atlanta Habitat For Humanity for six weekends in a row.

Day 1 - 'My' house is on the left

When I first showed up there was an empty concrete slab. When I leave on Saturday, there will be a punch-out list and a home.

I’ve been on a lot of builds with Atlanta Habitat, but I haven’t built a whole lot for myself. Last weekend was the first time that I’ve felt like I’ve built something for myself.

After builds the house leads, skilled supervisors and sometimes some volunteers head out to a bar for a few drinks and to shoot the breeze. Last weekend was the first time I’ve ever gotten up to leave and someone asked me to stay later.

And then asked me to come to dinner with them.

I was never very good at making friends and I’d sort of resigned myself to the few friends I have here and the friends I’ve left behind.

I’ve spent a few hours volunteering. I’ve given a lot.

I’d forgotten that volunteering gives back to you, too. Meeting people and building friendships that are more than ‘we volunteer together’ is kind of nice.

I Bet I Can Fill My Bag Faster!

I thought today was going to be just another day at work.

red cross, donation, double red donation, twitter

The internet stops for no one!

Don’t get me wrong, a year plus into my job and I still love it, but it wasn’t just another day in the office.

Today the Red Cross came into the office to set up for a blood drive. I’d never donated before, but I signed up and they told me I could do a double red cell donation.

After I was done donating I had some juice and cookies and went back to work. I knocked a few things out and cut out early because I was hungry and kind of tired.

It wasn’t until I got home that I really started thinking about what I’d done. Sure there was the whole, “I squirted blood out of my body into a bag,” thought process. There was also the, “I just did something that can help six people.”

So I sat and looked at the little red spot on my arm and thought about what I did.

All I really did was sit there and make goofy faces and joke around a little because I was nervous.

It’s what we talk about a lot at The Job, though. We’re trying to get people to look at volunteering in a new light and this is one of the ways we can do it.

The simple act of sitting in a chair for a little bit helps people. It helps people who are in no position to help themselves when they need the help that I gave them.

So, today was a pretty awesome day at work. I’m excited for tomorrow.