Answering the Call to Serve… Again…

Friday I volunteered with Habitat again, and amid building a fence railing and turning a boring concrete slab into a front porch, I got one of the best phone calls I’d ever gotten.

The Army of Do-Gooders called me and asked me to get back to service.

I’m going to be working with Points of Light in October–we haven’t fixed on a start date just yet.  I will be an Interactive Strategy Coordinator; supporting Points of Light’s online presence, developing content for Points of Light’s digital outreach, designing and developing training tools and representing Points of Light through presentations and conferences.

I’m almost positive that this never would have happened without the opportunities I had with Volunteer Maryland over my service year.  From working with them to develop a blog and their Twitter presence, their support when I was planning an event to teach nonprofit leaders in Baltimore how to use social media, and the opportunity they provided me with to attend the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New York and the LEAD Summit in Washington, DC.

It was at the LEAD Summit that someone came up to me, showed me their phone which had a post I’d made to Twitter, and asked if it was me.  I told them it was, and we started talking about how we’ve used social media to support volunteerism.    This was not the last time I’d talk with Jessica Kirkwood.

Jessica invited me to speak at the National Conference on Volunteering and Sevice in New York and I accepted.  It was a wonderful experience on so many different levels; I started to become really confident about what I knew about social media, I built my network of nonprofit movers and shakers, and I had a really great time rubbing elbows with a few (internet) famous people.

I’m still reeling a little bit from the whole thing.  Everything happened in less than a week.  Now I’m working on finding an apartment in Atlanta, and the logistics of moving two cats from northern Ohio to Atlanta.

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  1. Welcome, Thumbs of Steel!

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